12th Grade Pro-Con Research Paper


It’s important for a person to know not only what he/she feels about a subject of research paper, but know reasons for why he/she believes that way AND the reasons why someone might feel differently. A person can only have a decent argument if he/she is able to refute another’s claim point by point with documented evidence.


Students will research both sides of a “hot button” issue and then create their own personal claim about the topic in a research paper. In this paper, students will create an argument with a well-thought claim, cite evidence, present a counter argument and then counter that with evidence.


 Signed Research Paper Agreement Form

 SIX Abstracts over articles (3 Pro and 3 Con)

 At least FIVE different sources used within the paper

 At least THREE different TYPES of sources used within the paper (one should be a book or Ebook)

 At least FIVE MLA source pages (with cited source at top and useful quotes from source with
page numbers)

 Fill out Thesis Generator

 Fill out Paper Organizer

 Create Alphabetized Works Cited

 Create Rough Draft of paper with woven quotes

 Put into Online Paper Checker

 Peer Review

 Print Final Draft with Works Cited Rubric

Paper is expected to have:

 3-5 Pages

 FIVE Different Sources

 THREE different Types of sources

 A Works Cited Page

 Complete Sentences

 Correct Spelling, Grammar, Capitalization and other Conventions correct

 Double Spaced, 1 inch margins, size 12 pt font, Times New Roman

 Page numbers

 Name, Hour, Date, Topic: Writing

 Woven Quotes and Citations for all

 Correct Essay Form

 A cohesive Argument and Counter Argument

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