Me, a high wine apologist? Part 3

A more recent study that reduced the alcohol in a wine via a fermentation treatment I won’t get into also demonstrated that reducing the alcohol by almost 4% created no difference in the intensity of alcohol perception. Now granted, the alcohols in this study were below what is typically seen in wine (the highest was […]

Me, a high wine apologist? Part 2

Of course we all have stories of thinking a wine is higher (>15%), looking at the label, and being vindicated by seeing 16.2% on the label. And of course we rarely admit or remember the times when we have the same feeling about a wine and look at the label and see 13.8%. Additionally, labels […]

Me, a high wine apologist?

Much has been made of the plethora of high alcohol wines currently available to us wine imbibers. Recently Eric Asimov of the NYT and The Pour contends with James Laube of Wine Spectator in a trenchant cyber exchange of a high alcohol apologist (Laube) and well a less than high alcohol apologist? Now I could […]