Argumentative Research Paper Grading Checklist

The following items will be given a maximum of 4 points each.

Determination of points will be based on the following designations:

4 = Fully and creatively demonstrated
3 = Demonstrated
2 = Attempted to demonstrate, but a couple errors exist
1 = Attempted to demonstrate, but multiple errors exist
0 = No attempt made

Introduction W.1.a
____/4 Intro paragraph captures the reader’s attention.
____/4 A brief summary of any background information is given to anticipate the reader’s knowledge level–no more than a couple sentences.
____/4 The last sentence is a thesis statement that is clear, sophisticated, argumentative and insightful.

Body W.1.a,b & RL.7
____/4 Each body paragraph begins with a clear, sophisticated, argumentative and insightful topic sentence.
____/4 Claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence are effectively structured and organized in a logical sequence.
____/4 Claims are clearly distinguished between counterclaims and rebuttals are given.
____/4 The significance of the claims is clearly established for the audience throughout the body.
____/4 Thoughtful progression of ideas and details with sound transitions to show connection between points and paragraphs.
____/4 Maintains a consistent focus throughout. Thesis is effectively woven throughout every body paragraph, with ideas always related back to thesis in order to prove the central claim.
____/4 Contains effective, specific, relevant examples and details to back up major claims in each body paragraph.
____/4 Clear reflection on the evidence is referenced from the text and thoroughly and clearly explained to the audience.

Conclusion W.1.e
____/4 Conclusion restates thesis and supports the claims in the essay.
____/4 Conclusion offers closure and leaves the reader thinking by answering the “So What?” question. The significance the major claim is clear to the reader.

Mechanics, Usage & Style W.1.c,d & L. 1 & 2
____/4 Sentence variety is effective and sophisticated.
____/4 A formal style and objective tone is established and maintained.
____/4 Word choice/vocabulary is sophisticated and effective.
____/4 Writing is clear, concise, and strong.
____/4 Sentences demonstrate correct usage, punctuation, and capitalization.
____/4 There are no spelling errors, run-ons, and/or fragments.
____/4 Correct and consistent verb tense is present.

MLA Format W.8
____/4 The information from research used in each body paragraph are relevant and effectively support the thesis and the claims.
____/4 Information from research is integrated into the essay selectively to maintain the flow of ideas, avoiding plagiarism, and overreliance on the research.
____/4 All supportive facts and sources are reported accurately.
____/4 Each quote is appropriately cited using in-text citations.
____/4 Paper is formatted according to MLA guidelines, including: heading with name, teacher, class & period, and date, centered title, and correctly formatted paragraphs.

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