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The structure of Five Paragraph Paper Outline Introduction ————————————————————-1st paragraph   Get reader’s attention Ask a question State a startling fact Tell a story 2-3 sentences Thesis Sentence (what the paper is going to be about — with 3 subtopics)   Body ———————————————————————2nd paragraph   Use transition word at the beginning Topic Sentence (1st subtopic […]

Writing a Research Paper Guide

A research paper requires you to locate information about a topic from various places (books, internet, magazines, newspapers, etc.). You must track down information, evaluate it, organize it, and then put it all together in a research paper format. Although there are different techniques used in completing a research paper, this assignment breaks it down […]

Career Narrative Research Paper Writing

Writing a Rough Draft Instructions Introduction should include the following: Define your career goal. Explain why you have chosen this career and why this is a good career for you based on things like the personality assessment or a short anecdote of what led you to this career. What interests you about it? Why do […]

12th Grade Pro-Con Research Paper

Purpose It’s important for a person to know not only what he/she feels about a subject of research paper, but know reasons for why he/she believes that way AND the reasons why someone might feel differently. A person can only have a decent argument if he/she is able to refute another’s claim point by point […]