Movie Review of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

“Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer” is a black comedy/horror movie straight out of Canada. Directed by Jon Knautz and starring Trevor Matthews (who is also a producer of the movie), Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer goes back to the time when horror movie making was fun and low-budget horror films were turned into cult classics. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was made in the style of such films as Evil Dead trilogy and pays tribute to that style of filmmaking. Starring Trevor Matthews as Jack Brooks and Robert Englund as Professor Crowley, the film is set in a local town in present day America. When Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was originally released, it received mixed reviews from the film critics.The movie begins as a demonic creature with Cyclopean features is intimidating a local village in Africa. The village’s hunters are having no effect at killing the monster and the locals begin running away for their lives. Some villagers are excitedly waiting outside a hut where a hidden hero is preparing to do battle.

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Jack Brooks starts off narrating his life and the reason behind his temper issues that have been with him since childhood. He has always had a short temper that he believes started back when he went as a young boy on a camping trip with his family. What started off as a pleasant event turned quickly into a nightmare as his entire family is brutally murdered by the demonic creature. Ever since that fateful event, Jack has had issues with anger. As an adult, he ends up working as a local plumber during the day and takes a course in chemistry at night.

Jack feels his life spiral out of control as his relationship with his girlfriend Eve fails and his issue with anger grows harder to control. One night after he comes in late to class, Professor Crowley asks Jack to stay behind. Jack believes he is going to be reprimanded by his professor for missing class so much and is startled to find that Professor Crowley needs his help as a plumber at the house he recently purchased. Later that night, Jack arrives and tries to remedy the problem with the pipes at Crowley’s new residence. Believing a clog caused the issue with the house’s plumbing, Jack unwittingly releases an evil that has been kept locked up for decades as well as needing to replace a pressure valve that flew off during the procedure.

An imprisoned evil breaks free in the yard and creeps into the house as white smoky mist. It overtakes Professor Crowley and possesses him. Meanwhile, Jack goes to the local hardware store to find a replacement knob for the pressure valve. The old man who is sleeping at the station tells him that he hasn’t seen a knob like Jack’s in a very long time. When the old-timer finds out when the knob came from, he becomes panicked and warns Jack to stay away from that house where his professor lives due to the fact it is cursed. Jack scoffs at the idea and the old man tells him to return the next night where he can pick up the knob and hear the story of why the house is a cursed place.

Professor Crowley wakes up in his yard unaware of the night before and the events that took place. His hands are covered in muck and Crowley turns around realizing that he has been digging a hole in his yard without memory of doing so. He grabs a shovel and finishes the job until he hits pay dirt. Hidden deep in the earth, is a large heavy box that Crowley drags into his house to the study. When he opens it, a mound of dirt with bones lies within along with a blackened heart. The heart starts beating the professor’s hand as Crowley watches it with fascination. The hearts takes control of his hand forcing Crowley to consume it so that the evil lurking inside can possess him fully. Intrigued?

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