Setup in Research Paper

Leave your reader in no doubt when they get to the bit that you matters because papers have a lot of stuff they have some background material some setup that’s actually you know it’s it’s not that’s not the new part but it’s essential to understand the new part you got a signpost clearly to say oh I we’ve reached the end of setup right now we’re going to tell you the new piece don’t leave them in any doubt okay okay so that’s so much for the sort of wider white papers and what the main payload is your idea I just want to say a little bit about structure so far so good any other observations or questions yes I mean in general the soup is talking about how to write a good paper there let’s not argue about it. Info on setup in your work at Edusson.

I mean just as as as a tool to bring your ideas into paper or do something you can present and share with other people do you really think a paper construction of you know up drop them and well some background and then formulation is this really the way to go or yeah and I’ll say what I’m like yeah you said so a blog post might be another way to communicate yes but I would think that a blog post often has rather similar structure let’s get there let’s get there I don’t any while Jenny the question what about the painful literature programming like than you just like you know when you’re combining code with actually the artists oh listen programming when you’re writing a document that sort of somehow interweaves code and exposition right.

So um so sometimes I have seen papers that are literate programs they will they say you know here’s a the source code of the paper and you can run it there can be great and for some you know for some kinds of papers that’s perfect if you’re doing bioinformatics it might not be so so easy to do that but yeah and the other the other concern there is that if you have to present all the code because you want to execute it then that may overwhelm that the idea in the paper so it’s it’s a choice but certainly if you if you’re presenting code having actually run all that code to make sure there’s no bugs in it that would be good thing to do yeah okay let’s say a little bit about structure so here’s some here’s a story so so going back to your question about medium like so my my mental model for a paper or for a blog post all for a personal conversation is I kind of imagined that I’m standing at a whiteboard with a friend and I want to convey my idea so what am I going to do I’m going to say here’s the problem I’m trying to solve I’m going to say you know here it’s an interesting problem and here’s why moreover it’s an unsolved problem that is you know there is something to do it’s not already been done.

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