When Writing A Summary

First of all a summary needs to be accurate you must report what the author says not what you think the offices or what do you think the author should be saying that what the author actually is saying secondly you need to be objective you need to take a neutral position stand back to whatever the author is saying you’re conveying the author’s ideas not yours thirdly you need to make sure that the summary is that means that you are including any information that you will need to give references in the final essay and finally you need to make sure that your work is translated now let me translate it into another language I mean that you’ve taken the material that the author has seen summarized it in your own words.

And using your own patterns of thoughts now these are the things you need to remember when you are making those summary notes in the third column of your notes you’ll put your response to what the author is saying how you react to the source authors material one way of responding to source material is to ask questions to challenge old beliefs to create examples to think about cause and effect to apply this to your own focus and make connections between this source and other sources that you may have read another way to respond is to evaluate it what do you think the strengths and weaknesses of the source material are if you take time to make good summary response notes you’ll find that writing your first draft later on is going to be much much easier okay now we’ve done the research and we’re ready to go on to step three of writing music and that is figuring out your thesis statement the thesis statement is the heart of the issei it’s the central message you want to put a cross encapsulated in one or two sentences it’s the main idea that you want your reader to understand after reading your essay okay.

So let’s take a few minutes to look at how to write a thesis statement it’s it up in three clear stages firstly you need an arguable statement of opinion you might think of it as saying in this you say I’m claiming that and how you would finish that sentence let us have a look at an example lower highway speed limits are needed this is a it’s not affect it’s an opinion and other people may have different opinions about highway speed limits the second part of the thesis statement is think about what elements of support are going to support your opinion think of why you believe the claim you are making and so the elements of support could be part of your sentence which flows from your thesis statement because reason one reason to a signal or you can think of it in terms of one of the broad concepts which you need to discuss.

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